Thursday, December 11, 2014

Four Schools Afraid of a Man Exercising With A Weight Vest

A few schools in Lorette locked all their children inside because they thought that there is a terrorist outside.

The school has been locked for about half an hour until the police came. The police said that the threat has gone and it's safe to unlock the four schools.

One woman took a picture of a shirtless man wearing a weight vest which everybody thought that is a body armor used to decrease bullet damage.

It turns out that the 20-year old man was exercising with a vest used in muscle building program so all the charges dropped, but he had to turn over his vest to the police.

Homeless Bodybuilder Working Out on Streets of Paris VERY MOTIVATIONAL

Jacques Sayagh lives on the streets of Paris, but not only that, he also works out there!

Above is a video of him posted on YouTube which has obviously gone viral in a very short time because of the motivational nature of the video. Check it out!

Did me mention that Jasques is 50 years old? That's what makes the video even more motivational!
One of his quotes is: "Bodybuilders are futurists,they dare everything. It's a world that I like."
Not only that he works out, but his physique is better than some competing bodybuilders which are two times younger than him.

He says that he doesn't want to live in a small apartment even tough he was seeing corpses and thieves in the morning.

"If I didn't have [my body], I could have died." he said.

The main reason to live and train like that are, like he says, his grandchildren.
"I want them to be proud of me. That's all I want."

Whenever you find yourself looking for an excuse not to work out, just google this guy and that might help you get up!